Top 3 Drapery Before & After

When I tell clients they need window treatments, a worried look might cross their face. Especially if I use the word “drapery”. They have images of swoops and festoons, and miles of frilly fabric or heavy velvet. But that is certainly not how we roll here at Beautiful Habitat. 



You should rethink window treatments 

I have been adding modern, streamlined, classic drapery to projects since we started in 2007. This probably stems from my British interior design education, where we had an entire class dedicated to drapery and decorative window treatment design. They don’t do that anymore. And I don’t think they really ever did that in America. Anyway – via the British, I developed a great love for classic drapery and how it can improve a room.  

Drapery does not have to be fussy. But it can be the element that really makes a room feel “designed” and complete. Drapery softens the hard edges of the windows and are a great place to add color and pattern to complement our full room design. 

Let’s look at my top favorite before and after. 


Westminster Maximal Home 

Window treatments are my ‘go-to’ solution for a creating a room that feels complete and inviting. In this room the use of drapery panels draws the eye up and balances the room with color and pattern for a WOW factor. 





In the adjacent dining room we replaced the old drapery with a custom drapery to compliment the room design. By adding more fabric and hanging them higher and wider, we create more impact. 


Via Beautiful Habitat 


Broomfield Suburban Update  

Like the previous project – the double height room was a challenge. Adding tall drapery in both of  these 2-story rooms is a game changer.  The drapery add balance to the tall walls and bring color and pattern into the rooms. 



Via Beautiful Habitat


Colorful Wash Park Duplex 

Via Beautiful Habitat 


Custom window coverings may seem like an indulgence, but they truly are an important element for achieving that polished designer look. Windows sole purpose aren’t just to let light into an interior or even to capture the view. They make a visual contribution to the space as well as adding levels of texture and vibrancy that balances out the room as a whole. 

Want a designer look? Add custom drapery! 


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