ORC Week 6 & 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the One Room Challenge. If you’re just joining me, you can catch up on the past 5 weeks of design: Week 1, Weeks 2 & 3, Week 4, and Week 5.


One Room Challenge: Painted furnitre


Last week (week 6) was supposed to be all about the new window treatments. If you are following along on Instagram, you would have seen that I had a dilemma on that subject. My beautiful new window treatments have arrived. They arrived weeks ago. However, we are also replacing the old drafty windows in this house. Those have not arrived. I ordered new windows in December. They had the very unconvincing arrival date of “April 1st”. And as I type this on May 19th, there has been not a single peep about when those windows might arrive. Even I am experiencing the same supply chain pains as my clients.

So last week I was in the dilemma; do I hang the new window treatments now? Or do I wait for the new windows? I’m still pondering that one. Stay tuned…

On to my project over this last week – weeks 6 & 7. I’ve been painting furniture. I have been livening up a cabinet that will hold my art supplies and slide under the floating desk top.


Progress on Interior Design Denver Colorado


I am not a DIY expert or DIY blogger, soI will definitely not bore you with the details and steps that it takes to prep and paint stained furniture. Instead, I’ll show you some progress.


Bold Interior Design Denver Colorado


Yes, I absolutely admit to being too lazy to paint the full inside of this cabinet. I’m the only one that will open it anyway!


DIY Painted Furniture


The doors need one final coat and then I’ll let it all cure until next week to put it all back together. Look for my final post on this room next week in our big reveal!!