Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

A few weeks ago, I attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. This is the best place to learn about the latest and greatest in interior design trends for the two hardest working areas of your home. I always come away from the show excited about new products and inspired to take our clients kitchen design or bath design to a new level.



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Let’s take a look at the big design trends for 2024


Color everywhere – literally everywhere. Bold color is now taking over all the fixtures and surfaces of Kitchens and bathrooms. Even the other trends in this post relate back to new colors available. So, the biggest take away from KBIS 2024 – kitchen and bath color.


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And in particular, green was a very hot color for 2024. You all should know by now just how much I love green. So I am now VERY green with envy over the kitchen appliance options available. Pun certainly intended.


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Colors, both bold and primary to subtle and muted, can be found on nearly every Kitchen appliance. At KBIS 2024, we saw a lot of color on ranges, vent hoods and refrigerators or beverage coolers.


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Colored tub skirts were another big trend for this Kitchen and Bath show. The skirt is the outside facing layer of the bathtub. And these are now being shown in all manner of colors.


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Beautiful Habitat is ahead of this trend, however, as we included a black tub skirt in the Stilt House project.

Cabinets were pretty evenly split with white oak cabinets or colorful cabinets throughout the show.


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This display was particularly interesting with a green stain, instead of paint. And…green!


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Black stainless and copper

Another common trend in both kitchens and bathrooms is black stainless and copper finishes. We saw these predominately for sinks. However, there were a few black stainless and copper faucets to be found as well.


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I find both options to be beautiful. However, I would dig into these a little bit more before using them in the kitchen. I imagine that coating might be prone to scratching, revealing plain stainless steel below. However, for a lower use space like a wet bar or powder room, this could be an eye-catching accent.


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Matte white faucets

Matte black faucets have been the most popular bathroom design finish for the last several years. So the manufactures are now trying to entice us in quite the opposite direction – matte white.


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What do you think? Are you onboard with the matte white trend?


Bridge faucets

I saw an increase in bridge faucets. A bridge faucet comprises two handles, one for hot water and the other for cold water. The two handles are connected by a horizontal pipe. Instead of being hidden beneath the countertop, the pipe is visible above it. This exposed pipe acts as a bridge where the two temperatures of water meet.


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I’ll be honest; I have never liked, or specified, a bridge faucet.  The two handles make it harder to use in general, especially if your hands are dirty.  In addition to the 2 holes for hot and cold water, you need another for the sprayer. Now you have 3 holes in your countertop and to clean around. No thank you. I’ll keep it clean with a single faucet and pull down sprayer.


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What do you think of these emerging trends for kitchen and bath design? What do you love? What do you hate? Are you ready to add one of these to your home?


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