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Case Study – Why Good Design Matters in the Short Term Rental Market


Airbnb Interior Design, Summit County Colorado


I think  that Good Interior Design Matters to all interiors. A well-designed space will influence how you feel in a given room. But today, let’s look at how well designed spaces impact Airbnb rentals.

We’ve worked on Airbnb designs over the years. However, working on the Stilt House marked a bigger leap into the world of Airbnb interior design.

If you’re new to Beautiful Habitat, the Stilt House is a new build vacation home in the Rocky Mountains. Our design team worked on the home design and build through 2022 and 2023. The home is intended to be a vacation home for the owners, and a short term rental on Airbnb and VRBO to offset the costs of ownership. See links to the full story are below.


Custom Home Design Denver ColoradoVia Beautiful Habitat 

And you may be asking why does a property owner need a professional interior designer for their rental? The short term rental space is saturated and competitive. You need a design that gets noticed or “stops the scroll” in all of the listings.  Then the vacation rental must follow up on that promise, by creating a memorable guest experience. 


Why invest in professional interior design for your short term rental?  

1. Charge More 

Hospitality Studies have shown a strong relationship between thoughtful interior design and higher average daily rates (ADR). 


Modern Bathroom Interior Designer, Boulder Colorado Via Beautiful Habitat


2. Attract High-Paying Guests

Guests will spend more for good design – especially that they can share on social media. Trending and unique décor, combined with guest amenities help to attract guests that will pay top-dollar. 

The Stilt House reviews frequently mention the unique and thoughtful window seat 


Modern Home Interior Design Denver ColoradoVia Beautiful Habitat   


3. Be More Competitive 

You need more than a list of amenities and good photos. The first goal is to get your listing noticed. Then create an interior design plan that follows up on that promise, by creating a memorable guest experience; a retreat that resonates with guests, ensuring increased bookings, glowing reviews, and enhanced profitability. 


Why you need good Interior design in Airbnb Short Term Rentals

Case Study – Stilt House 

The Stilt House was listed on Airbnb and VRBO in late January 2024 – the off season for this particular area of the Colorado Mountains. Yet it still brought in multiple bookings, all of which were a 5 star reviews. In just 3 months, the home has already earned the designation “One of the most loved homes on Airbnb”  


What does that mean? ROI – it’s that simple. The Stilt House is frequently booked because the unique interior design outshines the competition. The home has been able to raise rates by 40% and by early May 2024 was already completely booked for July, and 50% booked for August.  


The Beautiful Habitat team is experienced in designing memorable vacation retreats in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Check out our Short term Rental Design Services 


Follow the whole process of designing and building the Stilt House 

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