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Design Trend: Color Drenching

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Color Drenching consists of choosing a single color and using in generously throughout a room. This might mean that all surfaces are painted this color. Or perhaps the upholstery and wall color are the same, as the library design featured above.

This goes far beyond an accent wall. It’s more of a monochromatic color explosion. There is little contrast in the foundation and large furniture in the room. But often a contrast is added with art or accessories. 

While color drenching can be designed in any color, it is often done with darker or more intense colors, resulting in a sophisticated moody vibe. See some of those bold, moody interior designs below.


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Where can you use color drenching? 

Everywhere! This interior decorating technique can be applied to any room in the home – from softer rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, to the utility spaces of kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, I would say that the powder room has seen color drenching long before it was an interior design trend. People have been willing to go with bold interior design moves in the powder room for decades now.

Color drenching is also suitable for rooms that you merely pass through, like foyers, hallways, and stairways. Keep reading to see it unfold in any space in the home. 


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Here is a black color drenched Kitchen. We talked about black kitchens a few years ago , check that out here: Using Black in Kitchen Design.


The thing that I love most about Color Drenching is using contrast artwork. The intense background can really make a piece of artwork stand out and shine in a color drenched interior design plan. Scroll through all of the room designs here. The artwork really makes a strong statement. If the rooms were less saturated, the art would be less impactful.


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Color Drenching doesn’t have to be dark and moody. Here a light pink living room is equally color drenched. The walls, ceiling, and trim work are all painted in a monochromatic light pick color. The upholstery on the living room furniture is a subtle pink. Again, the designer has masterfully incorporated a high contrast artwork. Here the green contrasts with the pink walls.  This also creates a tie to the other green accents in the living room design.


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In the same home, we see the pink color drenching carry over to the Dining Room. The walls, ceiling, and trim work are all painted in the same monochromatic light pick color. This time we get a contrast in the art with blue against the pink background. 


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Often color drenching means the walls are all one color, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This powder room takes a different interior design approach to color drenching. In this case, the bathroom vanity color is pulled from the bold wallpaper.  (BTW – does anyone here need a reminder of how much I love Emerald green decor??)


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Color drenching can even work in a bed room. Can you imagine a beautiful pale blue saturated room in which to sleep? And while I’ve stated and shown room designs that seem more sophisticated and serious, color drenching can be designed in kids rooms or less serious spaces; just see this bunk room below. 


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What do you think of Color Drenching? Would you do this is a room in your home? Which room? What color? I’m seriously thinking about that light blue bedroom… This might be in my near future.

Design Tip: You might be tempted to start your color drenching interior design plan by choosing a paint color. But the paint should be the last thing you select. Want to know more about that? Read this article Six Mistakes in Choosing Paint Colors.


 Are you ready to try color drenching in your home design? Contact us today to get started. 


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