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Today on the blog we’re doing something different – Ask an Expert. I’m talking to Denver-based businesses about the areas in which they are experts so that we can bring you valuable professional advice for your home and interior design projects. 

Below is an interview with Alex Weeks of Northbuilt Construction. Alex and his team specialize in bathroom remodels throughout the Denver and Boulder metro areas. 


Please tell me a little bit about you and Northbuilt Construction. 

AW: I grew up building custom homes on the plains of Montana with my uncle Ronnie and grandpa Leroy. At an early age carpentry felt natural and I knew it would turn into my career. A four-year experience at Montana State University rewarded me with a construction engineering degree which I would go on to use as a tool to explore many aspects of our industry. Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure to work in civil engineering, commercial construction and facade consulting. These experiences have given me a great technical foundation which I’ve relied on while establishing Northbuilt in Colorado as well as continuing to serve Montana.  

Northbuilt is a bathroom remodeling contractor. We strive to deliver the most consistent bathroom remodeling experience to save clients’ time and reduce stress during their project. 


Bathroom Remodel Denver Colorado

Via Northbuilt Construction

Why did you choose to specialize in bathroom remodels? 

AW: I think it allows us the best chance to be successful when considering these two things. How many people can we impact and how consistently can we deliver a positive remodeling experience. With bathroom remodeling being the number one remodeled space in a home we can deliver great experiences to more people. Additionally, by only pursuing one type of project, we are able to organize our operations in a more systematic way. To top it all off I just really like nice bathrooms! 

TW: I agree – everyone deserves a beautiful bathroom! 


What do you wish people knew before they start the process of a bathroom remodel? 

AW: Bathroom remodeling is invasive and stressful. It’s going to start out fun and exciting, then you’ll begin to worry about things going wrong, followed by frustration caused by living in a construction zone. Finally, you’re going to walk into finished space and feel excited again.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, I suggest asking yourself who you want to go through that journey with. It’s important to find a team that is honest, communicates well and is willing to stand beside you through it all because that’s what makes for a great remodeling experience.  

TW: I agree – we often talk with clients about the fact that things will go wrong; it’s inevitable. But that is when having a great design and construction team can resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


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What are the biggest challenges in bathroom remodels?  

AW: Bathroom remodels can require up to eight different trades; Demo, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Drywall, Tile and Painting. The biggest challenge for us is maintaining our production schedule to ensure projects are completed on time. 

 TW: That is a lot of specialized trades – in one of the smallest spaces in the home. I can see that scheduling is a challenge. 


What inspires you? 

AW: Being in business is like playing a competitive sport. Every day we get up, go to practice and hone our skills. We have wins and we have losses. I draw inspiration from sports figures who accomplished impressive success like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Serena Williams.  


What is your superpower? 

AW: I enjoy consistency.  

TW: That’s a great super power for keeping remodeling projects on track! I’d bet that leads to more a positive customer experience as well. 


Bathroom Remodel Boulder, CO Via Northbuilt Construction


Anything else you’d like to share with me? 

AW: We’re at a very interesting point in the history of the industry. I believe we will continue to see trade and project specialization within construction. A well-rounded general contractor with a widely experienced team will become more difficult to find.

Over the coming decade we will see a great percentage of the workforce make an exit. As they do, in-house training programs will become normal as we will start to develop our own craftspeople. It’s going to be fun to see how projects are completed in the not to distant future.  


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Learn more about Alex or contact him for a project here  


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