Spring Inspired Room Designs

Spring Inspired Room Designs

As I write this, it’s 11 degrees outside. It’s been a fairly typical March in Colorado, meaning weekly snow storms with a 60 degree warm up in between. What has been unusual, are the cold spells accompanying the snow. In fact, we just broke a record for -7 overnight cold – brrrr. The cold temps are very January-esque.

What’s my point? It’s been cold, snowy, and winter-like for weeks. We’re all ready for spring, warm weather and color outside. Today, I’m all about interior decorating that feels just like spring. These warm and happy rooms just might hold you over until the warm weather really arrives.

Spring Bedroom Designs

As I looked through our portfolio of spring-like and colorful room designs, I noticed that a lot of them are bedrooms. Perhaps that’s because spring colors are soft enough for a relaxing bedroom space, while still bringing in warmth and happiness.


Spring Master BedroomVia Beautiful Habitat


Blue and coral is a wonderful color combination. Coral is warm, energizing and uplifting. Blue keeps the room grounded and peaceful. The colors are also opposites on the color wheel, which always makes a pleasing combination.


Spring Inspired Master BedroomVia Beautiful Habitat


Many of my clients tell me they don’t like floral patterns in the beginning. Later, when I show them the many more modern styles of floral patterns, they often love it. This subtle gray and modern-floral bedding is a perfect example.  (more updated non-grandma florals to come)


Spring Red Master BedroomVia Beautiful Habitat


This bedroom is another nod to coral and blue. This time we also brought in a deeper orange in the custom rug and a rich cobalt blue in the nightstands.

Let’s not forget the sitting areas in bedrooms. Whenever you can, it’s so nice to incorporate seating in the bedroom other than the bed. For more tips on creating the Ideal bedroom:

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Spring Couch DesignVia Beautiful Habitat


Spring Inspired RoomVia Beautiful Habitat


A Spring-inspired Bathroom


Spring Inspired BathroomVia Beautiful Habitat


Bathrooms are so often very neutral. This bathroom is one of my favorite because we created such a colorful interior design plan. This bathroom design started with the beautiful floral wallpaper. We used the accompanying fabric to created valances for the 2 window treatments.


Spring Inspired His and Her BathroomVia Beautiful Habitat

Next, we designed a custom vanity and mirrors in colors pulled directly from the floral wallpaper and fabric.

Spring Living Rooms


Spring Living Room
Spring Living RoomVia Beautiful Habitat


Living rooms are often fairly serious spaces. I love the fresh and youthful feel of this living room in Wash Park.

We have several colorful and uplifting room designs in the works. Sadly, we are waiting for all of the pieces to come in. #supplychain It’s going to be months before we have those rooms complete and ready to share.

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