Designers Block

Designers Block

I have Designers Block! I am completely stuck on a project.The silver lining is that it’s for my own house. Having Designers Block for a client project would be a much bigger problem and I’d be in a full blown panic.

This has happened before – and always on my own house. I also hear this from other Interior Designers. It can be difficult to design your own home – for Interior Designers or for anyone. Sometimes we are just too close to the issues to be able to see the best solution. This is why many people hire me, after all. As a Deign Professional, part of the problem is that we are aware of ALL the amazing and beautiful materials, manufacturers and possibilities on the market. With so many options available, it can be difficult to stop looking at every single one. Another problem is that we don’t treat our own homes with the same time and attention that we do a client project. We squeeze it in over lunch or at 10:00 at night. I am guilty of all of the above and as a result I am totally stuck with a pink powder room.

The Problem Space: The Powder Room

You may remember this beauty from my post of all the Before photos of the new house.

Bathroom Designer makeover

I’m not totally directionless here. I do have a vision. I’m just having a hard time finding the perfect pieces for this vision.

The Vision: Just a really cool gold wallpaper, please.

The floor in the powder room is great – a nice travertine tile with brass accents. As you may recall from previous posts, Gold is back and I’m embracing it. My design vision includes a fun, modern wallpaper with gold accents to highlight the gold, yet modernize the space and make it a bit less serious.

Bathroom Tile Design

Alas, the perfect wallpaper has proved elusive. I have, unfortunately, found that a lot of “gold” wallpaper really reads more like an army green in person. Or the design reads as too traditional, or I’ve simply been underwhelmed.

Interior Designer Products

So I find myself stuck and the powder room is at a total hault. The solution is to just walk away, which is MUCH easier said than done. I resolve not to think about the bathroom design until inspiration strikes.

Do you have a design block in your home? I’d be happy to help you. Selfishly, it will take my mind off of my own powder room! Share your block here or on facebook.