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A Bar and Wine Cellar Remodel Offers High-end Entertaining

With a well-designed remodel and the expertise of a professional, having a gorgeous wine cellar in your own home can be a reality.

By Samantha Trueheart

Are you a homeowner who dreams of having a luxurious space to store your wine collection and entertain guests? Tennille Wood worked with one client to create a bar and wine cellar in their basement for high-end entertaining that is guaranteed to impress guests during any dinner party or family gathering.

The clients “bought the home with a completed bar in the basement,” said Wood. “Over the years, they had amassed an impressive wine collection and fell in love with a couple of vineyards from which they purchase. The original bar did not accommodate their new collection.”

Bar Area Before The Remodel

bar remodel

Wood’s expert interior design advice and eye was sought out to showcase their extensive wine collection and transform the basement space into the conversation-starter it has now become.

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In order to remodel the bar and include an area to fashionably store the wine, Wood and her team needed to find the extra space to build out. Wood realized the utility and storage space next to the current bar was the ideal place to renovate and add-on. “So we were able to ‘push’ into that space to create this wine cellar,” said Wood.


Design Challenges

But like any home remodel, the project came with unforeseen design challenges. “The angle of the wine cellar walls were driven off of the angle of the foundation wall,” said Wood. “We couldn’t get a 100 percent measurement before demo, so we had to guess a bit on the angle and length of the wall to match it on the other side.”

Luckily, the project turned out spectacularly and Wood was able to present the luxury bar and wine cellar to the clients and fulfill their dreams. “I’m happy to say that not only did we meet their needs of a wine cellar, but we really wowed them by making it the focal point of the entire bar area.”


Inspiration Comes From the Client

Wood’s approach to interior design, and something she used as her ultimate goal when manifesting a wine cellar and bar into reality, is to start with inspiration from the clients. “I spent time getting to know the clients and understanding their style and what they wanted to see and experience in the basement,” said Wood. “Then we found the stone for the walls and that informed the rest of the materials that we selected.”

The stone wall, which Wood says is her favorite part of the project, is made from stacked stone of quartzite. “It adds so much texture and interest to the wine cellar,” says Wood.

Once the textural stone element was added into the existing bar, the remaining space was remodeled with a new countertop and floor that blended well with the wine cellar stone wall in order to keep the space consistent throughout.

The wine cellar was encased in glass so the clients can properly control the temperature of their wines, but the installed glass window and door is also a fabulous way to allow the space to appear larger, more open as well as showcasing the client’s collection in an eye-grabbing way.

The wine bottle racks are sleek and add a high-luxury, unexpected design element into the cellar. The racks are not flashy and allow for the bottles to really shine through. Plus, the racks are a great way to keep the area organized and reduce the risk of clutter amassing onto the floor.


Details Make the Difference

Lighting was also an important factor in ensuring the wine collection was showcased to the full extent. The wall-washing lights on the two sides of wine bottle racks in the wine cellar helps draw the eye and create a point of interest.

But Wood and her clients also wanted to spotlight a fabulous piece of artwork within the cellar walls. “The clients already had the artwork, from their favorite artist, for the center niche,” says Wood. “We simply added a light to highlight it.”

Barrel Table

Another unique aspect that Wood and her team added to this remodel was a custom-designed table. “The clients purchased a barrel from a particular vineyard that they love,” says Wood.  “We added a glass top to make it a table. We also added bar stools from reclaimed wine barrels.”

Placing custom pieces into the designed space added interest and allows for interesting conversation to flow as quickly as the wine is poured.

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