New Home Decor Store

New Home Decor Store for Denver

A new home goods store will be selling its appealing home decor wares in Denver beginning next week!

H&M is launching its HOME store at the Denver Pavilions location next week! Did you know that H&M has a home decor line? I admit (a little shamefully) that I didn’t know this until I was contacted by the store (more on that later). H&M currently has only 5 Home stores in the US, so this addition is a huge win for Denver.

I’m elated about this new line as it offers exciting new home accessories at the budget-friendly H&M prices. I love to layer a room with accessories from different decor lines and different prices. Having this new selection in Denver means we can add even more variety to the designs we create for our clients.

I’m also very excited about the Denver Pavilions location. As a Denver “Northerner” I’m thrilled to have a store that meets the decoration needs of central and north Denver! (Aka NOT Park Meadows). The location is fabulous and honors the Denver flagship store for H&M. Remember how excited we all were H&M first launched in Denver circa 2011?  Well I’m that excited again.

About the Store

The Denver Pavilions store is a large 2 story apparel destination. But we won’t lose any square footage for the broad apparel options to add the HOME department. H&M has pulled a Wash Park and “popped the top”, renovating into the third story of the building. The renovation creates space for the Home line and kids apparel will also move on up. Here is a sneak peek of the new addition when I visited this week.

Interior Design Accessories in Denver New Home Store Denver Opening H&M Home Coming to Denver

Where does Beautiful Habitat fit into this?

In honor of this exciting new launch, H&M has contacted Beautiful Habitat to create a unique tablescape featuring the very best of the H&M Home products. I am very honored to have been selected for this project. I hope our table design will help customers unleash their own creativity and inspire them to unique ways to use H&M products in their own homes. As of today, I’ve only seen the home products online. On Monday, we will have full access to the newly designed store and see the actual product!

The grand reopening of the store will be Thursday October 29th! Mark your calendar! Get yourself down there next weekend to see this new store (and our fabulous table design)! The tablescape will remain up only through the weekend, so don’t miss out!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the product and table design all next week on Instagram and Facebook and the reveal of the design on Thursday right here on the Beautiful Habitat blog.