What's hot in 2017

What’s Hot in Interior Design for 2017?

whats-hot-ccover-imageWith the swirling blur of holiday parties and gift wrapping gone and 2016 officially in the past, you might find yourself among the many folks looking at the new year as a fresh start. And a refresh for your home is a perfect way to ring in 2017. Start thinking now about the trends you’ll embrace for your interior design projects this year.

A guiding principle in my approach to interior design has long been that your home should be your sanctuary and the place you can recharge from the world. Today, it seems the constant barrage of emails and social media in our connected lives has finally led to a cry for such spaces that draw us in, capture our attention and create the perfect backdrop for family, creativity and calm. Let’s have a look at a few of the hot trends in interior design for 2017.

A cozy home office

interior design trend home office


Our overly connected culture has driven the desire to retreat into a peaceful space free from distractions and interruptions in which to work and collect our thoughts. The result: the need for a cozy home office. Although it may become a personal hiding space, it shouldn’t feel like a dark cocoon. Be sure to choose a space where the light can shine, and position the work space near a window. Built-in shelving keeps things organized, especially in smaller spaces. Use other wall space for mood boards or inspiring artwork to add your personal style to the space.

Wallcoverings: Put some cork on it

interior design trend decorating with cork


Cork is moving far beyond the evening bottle of wine. Its naturally decorative appeal has shifted it into a versatile go-to for adding character to tables, chairs and even wall covering. With many unique styles and patterns, a cork wall adds warmth to any room and complements ceramics, wood, glass and metals. The sustainability movement has also helped boost its popularity since it is such an eco-friendly material.

Bold print fabric window coverings

interior design trend bold print window coveringsvia

Shake up your space in 2017 with the rise in popularity of stripes and bold prints for window coverings. Say goodbye to simply framing the window with an invisible neutral. Bring the outdoors in with large floral prints, or meet a more youthful, post-modern taste with graphic geometric patterns. Either way, bold window coverings are back in a big way making the design process fun and bold for your new spaces.

Singing the blues, dusty and natural

interior design trend decorating with blue


Tried-and-true, dusty blue hues encourage relaxation through temporarily disconnecting us from the world. Organic, cleansing colors promote simplicity, and the varied shades and patterns still keep things interesting. Look for these variations on azure to make their way into interior design for many bedrooms — and clothing! — this year.

Custom upholstered bedheads

interior design trend upholstered headboard


Upholstered headboards have appeared in luxury hotels and high-end homes for some time, and its time for you to embrace this luxurious style for your master retreat. An easy way to add instant warmth and glamor when updating a bedroom, these soft headboards take many forms and use anything from plush velvet to or a more classic buttoned version in neutral colors.

Blurring the line with transitional flooring

interior design trend transitional flooring


Where two contrasting types of flooring meet, there is traditionally a clear transition line delineating two distinct spaces. But when working in the growing number of open space home plans, there isn’t always an obvious distinction between rooms. In these cases, imagination and creativity can make for transitions with an element of surprise in 2017. Instead of a straight wood transitional piece, tiles may be cut to create a curve around the edge of a wood kitchen floor, or the hexagonal tiles in an entry may gradually scatter into the wood of the living space, adding visual interest and intrigue.

Mix and match bold colors and prints

interior design trend mix and match bold patterns and colors


One advantage of our connected world has been the proliferation of global cultures and color schemes. As a result, some of the old rules about matching colors and prints have fallen by the wayside. It seems no combination is off the table and the bolder the better. The same basics about odd numbers (three patterns or more) and sticking to one dominant pattern with others varying in scale are still important for a cohesive design, but creativity reigns in this fun trend.

See many of these trends in action in this Beautiful Habitat project.

While trends for interior design are not as fast-changing as they are in fashion, they definitely offer myriad design inspiration for your new home in the new year. For help planning your 2017 home remodel, contact Beautiful Habitat today.