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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Have you considered hiring an interior designer for an upcoming project but felt intimidated or wondered if it is too expensive? This is a common sentiment, but the benefits of hiring an interior designer include saving you time and money while helping you create the room (and home!) of your dreams. Here at Beautiful Habitat, we’ve written an educational piece about what questions you should ask when hiring an interior designer. To drive home the case for this sensible choice, we’ve summarized below the top five benefits.

5 benefits hiring an interior designer cover image


1. A professional eye

Designers give a project that “wow” factor by applying their professional experience in visualizing the overall outcome. They make the most of what you already have and spend time focusing on the details to ensure a design that is comfortable for your family and lifestyle. This collaborative approach makes the difference between a room that is just fine and a room that makes you feel alive.

Interior designers also make you aware of additional choices and can help give you the confidence to try something new. Being a designer takes skill and is also an art that raises the level of enjoyment homeowners get from their home.

At Beautiful Habitat, we believe when the function and beauty of a space are in harmony with the soul of the people living in that space, we’ve created a home, or what I call it: our own beautiful habitat.


2. Saves money

Even though you have an additional fee from the designer, it is crucial to understand that a designer can save you large amounts of money by helping you avoid costly mistakes and bad purchases. Your project also improves the value of your home by boosting its appeal above other listings when you sell the home.


3. Saves time

A designer not only helps keep your project within the boundaries of your budget, you’ll also save time and energy by not needing to personally research every brand, price and product for each room. Your designer listens to understand your tastes and preferences and then presents only those products that will meet your needs and budget.

If there are contractors or architects involved, the designer works as your liaison to keep things on track and plan for things you may not consider, such as the placement of electrical outlets. By managing and coordinating all aspects of the work, your designer can relieve much of the stress of your project.

4. Access to resources

Homeowners decorating their homes on their own likely look to magazines or Pinterest for inspiration and must buy furniture and accessories from a retail store. Professional designers have access to things not available to the general public, such as custom-designed furniture and one-of-a-kind decorative items. This allows each piece to fit the design of its intended space perfectly.

A professional interior designer also has reliable vendor and contractor resources, such as carpenters, electricians and painters. These contacts can save you the headache of finding someone you can trust.


5. Innovative solutions

Aesthetic problems are commonplace for the professional, and they are trained to think outside the box. You may have bought items over the years that no longer match in terms of style. This can seem difficult or expensive to solve, but designers tackle these problems every day and often have special ideas up their sleeves to meet your specific needs.

Are you ready to consider hiring an interior designer for your next remodeling project or new home? At Beautiful Habitat, our services are many and we’ll make your project a breeze. Contact us today!

When the function and beauty of a space are in harmony with the soul of the people living in that space, we’ve created a home, or what I call it: our own beautiful habitat.

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