Start Living! Decorating Package

Imagine looking around your home and finally feeling like it’s “complete” and a true reflection of your family

The START LIVING! Interior Decorating Package makes this dream come true for you

Recognize yourself below?

You dream about the day when your home will finally feel “done”– decorated in a way that’s pleasing to look at, but also functional

You purchased pieces that looked amazing in store or online, but just don’t work in your current space (and you can’t figure out why)

You’re embarrassed to have friends over (although you’d love to host that dinner party you’ve been talking about since you moved in)

Your space feels plain and boring (and you’re anything but)

You’re afraid to get started because you don’t have a plan and you might “get it wrong”

You’re overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make to create a cohesive space – from artwork to furniture to window treatments, to area rugs… it all feels like too much!

You keep promising you’ll finally finish decorating “next month”– but next month never seems to come

You’ve got old furniture that doesn’t work in a new house, or your once-perfect-seeming floor plan just doesn’t make sense anymore

You’re simply tired/burnt out of trying to “make it work”

Here’s What Happened

You bought the house. You bought the furniture (and by bought I mean, pressed that oh-so-tempting “Buy” button on Crate & Barrel). And you were so excited to put it all together and create an amazing new (or maybe now, not-so-new) space.

Until one day, you weren’t.

Life happened – work responsibilities piled up, the kids needed attention and you simply didn’t have the time to spend your evenings and weekends shopping for furniture online or trying paint samples on the walls. So the idea kept getting shelved and moved to the bottom of each month’s “goal list.” Or maybe you got so hyped up that you made a swift but not-quite-right decision to “get it done” and immediately regretted it (and now you’ve got a houseful of pieces you resent).

Either way, now you’re stuck, with no clue where to turn next.

The truth is, when you don’t feel good about your living space, it wears on you. An unfinished home can stop you from living life to the fullest

You see your home every day – and every day you’re reminded of this massive project you’ve yet to finish – and if we’re being honest, it’s become a serious problem. You’ve postponed birthday parties, canceled having visitors and you’re still embarrassed to invite your friends over for an impromptu wine night.

Well, I think it’s time to stop stalling – and Start Living.

Start Living is an interior decorating service for clients who are stuck in the design process – whether it’s a single room or an entire home – and want to create a home they love without the hassle of doing it on their own.

It’s for the man, woman or family who wants the interior decorating process to feel seamless, easy and fun; and for those who want their home to be a unique reflection of their family – and not just a copycat of the family-next-door or last month’s Pottery Barn catalog.

As your interior designer, I can help you

Narrow down your choices to ease the decision-making process and overwhelm that comes when decorating your home

Make decisions with confidence based on a combination of my expertise, detailed specifications and drawings

Become aware of  unique choices available and give you the confidence to try something new

Make the most of what you already have (so you don’t have to give up that wonderful sofa splurge!)

Get access to tried and tested contractors and craftspeople and products beyond the chain retail stores with an international selection of products and vendors

Create innovative and unique solutions tailored to your specific problems, needs and desires

Focus on the big picture – so your entire space is creative and cohesive

The START LIVING! decorating package includes

Design & Lifestyle Evaluation. I start each new project by truly getting to know my clients so I can create customized, unique solutions that are specifically catered to their home, family, and style. We’ll talk everything from color preferences to where you spend the most time to how you want your space to look and feel.

Product short lists. I’ll save you the time, money and overwhelm by prescreening and bringing you only the best options and products for your home that suit your needs and budget.

Computer generated drawings and 3D modeling. Before any actual work begins, you’ll get to see a visual picture of the completed room on paper, including the location of furniture and built-in pieces as well as fabrics, colors, furniture and lighting. This is an invaluable visual picture that means you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that you’ll like the end result – you’ll see it all before purchasing so you can make decisions with confidence.

A GORGEOUS end result that feels complete, cozy and welcoming

Download a Sample Decorating Plan here:

You don’t have to put it off even one more day. Get in touch now and let’s start creating your dream space.Contact us today!

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