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Furnishing A New Home in Central Park Denver

After moving around for several years, the clients were excited to settle back in Denver. In their moves, they had collected a hodgepodge of furniture. Building a new home, in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, was a chance to up level their furniture and really define their own style.

For the first time, they wanted to be intentional about their interior design and choices. The couple shared common design sense, but no idea how to execute it. They contacted Beautiful Habitat to help develop their vision for their new home.

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The family loves to listen to music and have a specialty audio system (next to the fireplace).
The vision for this room was a serene and comfortable space, without a TV, to relax, enjoy music and entertain guests.

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The Beautiful Habitat team took that a step further by designing a sophisticated adult space. The swivel chairs allow for conversation, or enjoying the fireplace or view.

The function of the space is enhanced by adding color, texture and pattern through eye-catching upholstery, pillows and drapery.

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The special feature in the room is a configuration of flexible nesting tables. The tables fit together as a unique cocktail/coffee table, or can be pulled apart to different seating arrangements.

The stunning artwork is the client’s own photography.

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The Beautiful Habitat team also designed the Primary Bedroom into a sanctuary; a retreat for the couple.

The home design features a peaked roof, which we highlighted with a beautiful grass cloth wallpaper and four-poster bed.

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The client’s favorite spaces include nature and strong architectural features. We took inspiration from these places and added stronger lines in the wallpaper, lamps and the joining of the metal bed frame. This was softened with a soothing color scheme.

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The corner naturally lends itself to a relaxing space for reading or enjoying the view.
The lamps are a perfect blend of strong graphic lines in an organic stone material.