Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Open Shelves in the Kitchen | Love it or Leave it?

The cobbler’s kids have no shoes. And the Interior Designer’s Kitchen has no plan. As I have mentioned, I am in the process of moving and the new house needs some renovation. The Kitchen is a big piece of that. I am just starting to work out a design plan this week.

It’s actually harder to design a space for myself than it is for clients. With clients I can see a vision and narrow in easily. For myself, I just see SO MANY beautiful products everywhere and I love and want them all! My dilemma today – Open Shelves in the Kitchen. What do you think? Love it or Leave it?

 Custom Kitchen Design Coloradovia decorpad

Contemporary Kitchen Design Boulder Colorado

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Interior Designer Denver Colorado

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Interior Decorator Denver

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Custom Kitchen Design

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Luxury Kitchen Design Colorado

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Kitchen and Bath Design Boulder

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 What do you think about open shelves in the kitchen? Does it add interest of just collect dust? Do you love it or would you leave it?