Mixing Finishes

Mixing Finishes

No matter the style of your decor, mixing finishes (wood, metal, or both) works beautifully – when it’s done intentionally. You may feel a bit intimated at first, but once you see the room coming together you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here are some examples of how mixing finishes results in sophisticated spaces.

This living room offers a nice example of how mixing light and dark woods and gold and silver accents works to add interest to the space.

A living room/dining room, decorated in an eclectic style, mixes painted woods with dark wood adding contrast.

Brass on the window rods, floor lamp and fireplace screen meld well with a chrome and glass coffee table.

This room is full of contrast between light and dark woods. Look at how beautifully the room flows.

Medium-hued wood floors are made brighter when contrasted with the dark black wood of the furnishings. If this space were all black it would be overbearing.

A dark wood pedestal table and chairs are paired with a light wood informal cabinet and hutch. The blue of the wall and china is pulled through the space to the upholstery on the dining chairs, tying the space together.

An unfinished harvest table and flooring are dressed up by the dark wood of the dining chairs.

Gold, silver and platinum are brought together in this glamorous bedroom. The mirrored and metallic surfaces reflect light into the space.