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The built-in kitchen desk. A large number of homes built in Colorado over the last 20+ years include the built-in kitchen desk. I’m curious to know how many people really utilize this space. Do you use it, or does it accumulate the family stuff? Is it a valuable resource and organization tool that you’d hate to part with? Would you rather the desk be converted into a pantry, second oven, sink, or other space that you might use more? The built-in kitchen desk: Do you love it or would you leave it?

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My husband and I had a kitchen desk in our first home and never really used it. We also had no kids and, being newly married, very little “stuff”. Our flat in London and our current home are both without the desk. I don’t miss the desk, so that qualifies me as a “leave it” girl.

However, I recently had a client that went from a desk home to a no desk home. It was a big concern for her, so we’ve added a desk into the plan. In the floor plan below, we added a desk/console behind the sofa to add the workspace that she had lost from her previous kitchen. She is obviously on the “love it” side of this debate.Kitchen Floor Planvia Beautiful Habitat

With another client, who didn’t need a work space, but does entertain frequently, we changed the desk in to the beverage station/bar for parties.The wall cabinets are stocked with glasses and spirits. The base cabinets include overflow wine bottles.

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The photo below is a home where they took this idea to the next level and converted the desk to a full wet bar. Clever!Kitchen Design Boulder Coloradovia Pinterest

 The built-in kitchen desk. Do you love it or would you leave it?

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How do you you use your kitchen desk? If you don’t use it, have you converted it to a space that is more useful to you? Share your ideas and photos here or on facebook.