Interior Design Services

We design homes for a diverse clientele who want beauty and balance restored to their spaces and reflected in their lives.

Your Beautiful Habitat Full-Service Interior Design

Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling your existing space into your ideal, or invigorating your furnishings and decor—or anything in between—our full-service design package delivers striking style down to the tiniest touches.

1 | Developing the Vision

Every project kicks off with an in-depth consultation where we’ll get to know you and your space—aesthetically and holistically—to ensure our design speaks to every aspect of your lifestyle. Yes, we’ll explore your favorite styles, colors, and patterns, but we’ll also discuss how you want to interact with your space so that function can sit at the heart of our design. We’ll learn what brings you joy, what leaves you exhausted, and clarify the scope of what you want to accomplish.

You can feel free to express any and all frustrations—knowing what puzzles there are to solve will ensure we’re ready to come with the right solutions.

2 | Defining Your Dream

After we get to know you, what you love, and how you live, the transformation can begin!

As we devise our plan you can feel confident that we’ve thought of everything. Even at this stage, where we’re designing your dream home, we’ll have one eye on execution to make sure every aspect can be realized. We’ll also start to draw on our decades of experience so that no part of our vision will be lost in the details. Will Denver’s uniquely intense sunlight cause your walls to take on different hues? We’re already planning each shade of paint needed to create a color that’s cohesive.

Our design phase culminates in a concept presentation where all the planning, research, and custom solutions come together—we’re excited just thinking about it.

We’ll bring a comprehensive collection of drawings and recommended materials. You’ll also be able to experience every element of your new space, room by room, in our 3D walk-through.

3 | Delivering on Every Detail

Once we have your approval on every part of the plan, we’ll make it happen.

We’re dedicated to creating homes with stunning decor—but we also find beauty in the execution. Forged in the fire of every project that requires smart solutions, our process is constantly evolving to optimize and incorporate everything we’ve learned along the way.

As things come together we’ll be responsive and ready with weekly updates while we drill down into the details. We’ll take care of coordinating with all important players: contractors, vendors, and suppliers, as well as overseeing construction and managing installation.

We’ll be on top of everything—up to the arrival of the very last throw pillow—so you can relax and focus on getting excited about the big reveal.

The result will be worth waiting for.

Your Beautiful Plan Detailed DESIGN SERVICES

Do you have everything you need to refresh, remodel, or reimagine your space—except a vision of what you want to create? We get it. The seemingly endless choices of interior design planning can cause even the most seasoned DIY-er to freeze up. Our design planning offers beauty and function that leaves the execution to you.

1 | We’re Here to Help

We’ll work with you to create a design plan that brings together your creativity with our experience—then lets you take it from there.

Just like our full-service package, you’ll get plenty of up close and personal attention.

Starting with our in-home consultation, we’ll get to know every facet of your aesthetic and lifestyle—and what you love (and can’t stand) about your home.

2 | We Concept, You Create

Once we’re completely aligned we’ll devise a plan that helps you cull down the all choices and land on a clear vision that you’ll be excited to bring to life.

Our plans are so much more than delighting you with surface-level decor, everything we put together will be beautiful from every angle—revealing insights into hidden function and ingenious ways to incorporate texture and color.

Even though you’ll be completely in charge of all the logistics, we’ll bake everything we’ve learned in our decades of experience into our work.

Every design element will be thoughtfully developed. We’ll share floor plans, color and finish selections, shopping lists, 3-D renderings, and much more. We’ll also leave you with planning suggestions, watch-outs, and solutions to help you flawlessly bring everything to life.


Our VIP consultation allows you access to a full day of design expertise. This is our most compact service customized for those who want an expert’s eye without engaging in a full design process.

Our Day of Design is Custom to You

We’ll begin with an in-home consultation to get to know you, your home, and how you’re existing in your current habitat.

After that the possibilities are endless.

We can use our time together to:

  • Define finishes, colors, patterns, and source the best online selections
  • Define the optimal furniture plan and dimensions
  • Visit our favorite showrooms to search for the perfect tile, fixtures, or decor
  • Shop local retailers to compose a wish list of new furniture for a refreshed room

While we’ll leave the larger plan and execution in your hands, our extended consultation is meant to point you in the right direction and set you up for full success!

Every design collaboration begins with an in-home consultation, whether it be a one-time meeting or the first step in a full-service interior design project.

During this consultation, the project scope and goals are defined. We walk through each room to determine your style and how you want to live. 

The Beautiful Habitat Consultation is 2 hours, with 90 minutes of intensive discussion and recommendations, followed by 30 minutes to review next steps. The investment is $595.

The meeting is customized to your needs and may address a number of interior design questions including:

  • Recommendations for room layout, whether that be furniture or a better kitchen flow
  • Ideas for new furniture and furnishings, window treatments or lighting
  • Help to define a comfortable budget
  • Styling and accessorizing tips
  • Paint color selection
  • Explanation of the design process and what to expect