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Interior Decorating with Bamboo

Decorate with Bamboo cover imageBamboo, in addition to being an environmentally friendly product, is a beautiful choice for decorating because it takes on so many forms in a variety of products. It can give a casual, earthy feel to or it can create a sleek, modern look. Check out these inspiring ways to incorporate interior decorating with bamboo in your home.


Bamboo Wallpaper

interior decorating with bamboo wallpaper


You might not think of bamboo for achieving a beachy, coastal look, but this whitewashed bamboo wallpaper evokes just that sensation. Looking for something a little more moody? Try the same wallpaper in rich browns and black. Cover and entire room, wall or just use it as a backdrop in a small area.


Creative Color

interior decorating with bamboo cabinetry

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Bamboo cabinets with a warm gray color wash keep this kitchen feel light while still providing a rich palette. The pulls accentuate an Asian feel mimicking the window shapes of a shoji screen.

Bamboo Flooring

Interior decorating with bamboo flooring

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Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of styles to suit any design aesthetic. A more traditional bamboo floor shows very little color variation. Carbonized bamboo has a rich caramel color, while natural bamboo maintains its yellowish hue. There are various other types such as end-cut, striated and tiger bamboo with it’s unique striping and color variance.


Bamboo Cabinetry

decorating bamboo cabinets

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Like the flooring, bamboo cabinetry comes in a variety of finishes. These, with a carbonized finish, give an upscale, urban look to this open-concept floor plan. Floating shelves made from the same material continue the bold horizontal lines.


Simple Touches

interior decorating with bamboo

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You don’t have to commit to bamboo in such a drastic way as cabinets or flooring. Simple elements such as bamboo window shades or birdcage lamps, and accessories bring a warmth and an earthy element to the room.

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