Inspiring Interior Design Details from Front Range Homes

Unique interior design details invite us into the heart and soul of a home, revealing otherwise unnoticed charming architectural features. Serene, subtle or bold décor elements can be visually interesting or statement-making, and even small design details can yield grand results.

Distinctive interior design details tickle the imagination as color, patterns, textures and shapes are incorporated into enduring designs.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Solve the confusion of choosing paint colors and consider a monochromatic color palette. Monochromatic color doesn’t mean just black and white. It indicates that all the colors — tints, tones and shades — are of a single hue — beginning with a base of just one color.

Here, a blue hue is repeated throughout the color scheme and is showcased in various fabrics, patterns, textures and hues. The monochromatic color scheme guided every design decision: The focus became the furnishings and décor while the paint color became a beautiful backsplash.

Easy-to-create and sophisticated, monochromatic color schemes spark visual interest and add a relaxing and beautiful aesthetic to a room. Monotone colors create a sense of simplicity and harmony allowing contrasting elements to shine.

Boulder-County-Guest-Room-Custom-FabricsCustom Window Coverings

Custom window coverings are prized for their aesthetics, craftsmanship and energy-efficient benefits. Draperies, blinds and shades with hand-selected fabric and trim designs are dramatically uplifting and they’re often the final touch which unifies the home and elevates its beauty.

These coverings were designed for an easygoing family who wanted to personalize their space by adding a casual feel, beauty, comfort and style. Neutral earth tones complement the décor adding texture and balance to the room.

Of note is that custom window coverings help reduce a home’s energy usage as up to 40 percent of a home’s heat is lost through uncovered or glass windows. Roman shades, skylight shades, sheers and silhouette blinds all lend an impressively elegant quality, style and comfort to every room.


Custom Upholstered Furniture

One way to solve challenging design problems is with custom upholstery. Hours spent looking for the ideal sofa or accent chair to match the bedding doesn’t always pay off. Customizing upholstery revives cherished furniture and can cohesively connect a home’s design elements.

New furniture doesn’t always blend with existing furnishings. Restoring, repairing or recovering a precious piece of furniture, family heirloom or timeworn vintage-find adds a handmade touch to a room which can be comforting and sophisticated. Striking textures and patterned-fabrics adds subtle elegance and not surprisingly, the “new” sofa suddenly becomes a conversation-piece.

Custom Wall paintCustom Painting

Embellishing a room with custom painting or wall decals is transformative and adds a unique flair to the interior design. Hand-drawn paintings, lettering, unique designs and decals add color and warm a space.

Here, a decorative painter created coordinated swirls from wall decals in keeping with the home’s theme. The swirled bedding and patterned valances complement the design adding a colorful pop to the child’s space.

Custom StorageCustom Storage

Every room needs additional storage — whether built-in or customized to fit a specific space. Recessed niches are ideal candidates for decorative attention and are often excellent places for storage.

Extra storage areas maintain tidiness while offering a practical solution for easily accessing needed items. Gone are the days of stashing boxes in basements never to be found again.

The modern lines of this home called for a one-of-a-kind solution for additional dining area storage.  The sleek and polished custom cabinet pictured here blends beautifully in the contemporary dining room. Metallic accents on the handles add to the modern home design, and the edges and wood grain of the cabinet reflect the tone and grain of the custom dining table.

Custom Shelves for Artwork DisplayCustom Shelves for Artwork Display

Custom-built shelves punch up a room’s personality. This stunning display cabinet with glass shelving was crafted for art collectors to showcase their collection in their new home. It was built amidst a lavish wall of natural stone in the midst of a stunning great room.

A monochromatic color scheme in neutral colors became a subtle unifier for the décor and acted as a quiet backdrop for the striking art. Art easily became the thread which connected the home as each room revealed the ideal location for part of the collection.

Asian-Inspired Custom Woodwork

The Asian-inspired redesign invigorated this home while creating clean lines, rich wood tones and a peaceful feeling in each room.

A timeless work of art like this rich, polished Asian-inspired media center, with built-in storage, is stunning and blends with the overall design as the red birch wood creates continuity between rooms.  Any type of highly textured piece creates a beautiful space and brings joy to a room. Remodeling this home to create an Asian feel invigorated it while creating clean lines, rich wood tones, and a peaceful feel in each room.

Dual purpose roomDual Purpose Room with Hidden Desk

When downsizing, it’s valuable to consider a dual-purpose room as many homes require space for tucking away odds and ends.

The custom shelving with doors, pictured here, was created for a townhouse short on floor space. Adding a closet with a hidden desk and overflow kitchen storage was the ideal solution.  A matching cabinet near the door serves as coat and shoe storage for this busy family. Connecting the cabinets is a bench seat with even more storage for this small dining nook.

Denver-luxury-custom-beddingCustom Bedding

Every bedroom benefits from a little extra tender loving care. Custom bedspreads, comforters, duvets and pillow covers complement window treatments and furnishings as they incorporate similar style elements.

Custom bedding in a herringbone fabric creates a visually appealing bedroom and adds richness to the interior design. The upholstered headboard is a comfortable reading location and a handsome addition to the bedroom. High-thread count sheets and a deluxe comforter promise a heavenly night’s sleep.

Every home interior design project requires detail and we love to shine in the details and stretch the imagination with color, pattern, texture and shape as we bring out the fascinating design details available within every home.