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Home Technology Products You’ll Love

Home Tech Cover ImageAs technology advances at lightning speeds, we continue to see new home products designed to make our lives, easier, safer and more efficient, which leaves you more time to play. Here are our favorite products you’ll want to add to your home technology repertoire.

Water Meter

home technology water meter


Save water and energy by keeping your long, hot showers in check with Amphiro A1water meter. Charged by the energy generated by water flow, it displays real-time information of the shower water temperature and volume of water used. And you can install it yourself with no tools required.





Wireless LED Lightbulbs

home technology lightingControl your home lighting from any room in the home, from the backyard—even when you’re away from home. Control your lighting with your smartphone and Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting System. In addition to having peace of mind that it looks like you’re home even when you’re not, Philips Hue gives you just the right type of lighting you need for the tasks at hand — lighting for homework, lighting for relaxing and lighting to help you wake up.


Smart Fridge

home technology refrigeratorThis LH French door refrigerator offers 30 cubic feet of usable space with loads of smart features including cooling technology that reacts to humidity and temperature levels and help keep your food fresh longer. Strategically-placed vents in every section help surround your food with cool, fresh air. A slim ice maker ensures you have plenty of storage while the door-in-door design offers easy access to snacks and drinks.

MyQ Garage

home technology garage door openerControl your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone. This hub from Chamberlain works with your home’s Wi-Fi and a free app. There are no ongoing fees or subscription charges. This is designed to work with garage door openers that use safety reversing sensors located at the bottom of the garage door track.

Hi-Tech Cooker

home technology food cookerSous-vide is a cooking method used by top chefs. It uses a water bath that heats to the perfect temperature to cook your meal. This countertop appliance — called Mellow — brings this restaurant-style cooking to your kitchen. Simply seal your food in specially designed, reusable plastic bags toss it in the double-walled water tank, use your smartphone to program the cooking time and forget about it. The machine keeps your food at the perfect cool temperature until it’s time to start cooking.

Let’s talk about incorporating smart technologies into your home remodeling project!