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Getting The Most Out of Your Interior Designer

Working with an interior designer can be a real lifesaver. Aside from their access to resources, ability to keep your budget on track and out of the box thinking strategies, a designer can give your room a professional assessment that can then be translated into a solid plan. This order of repurposing, editing and adding is tantamount in home design and will help you spend your design dollars much more efficiently. An interior designer can help you find and enhance your personal design.

Interior designers can take your room up a notch and add finishing touches that can really make the room pop. From high-end cruelty-free fabrics to window coverings for a polished look and upscale lighting that pulls it all together, consider hiring an interior designer to amp up your home’s look. Designers aren’t just another set of eyes, their experience can help you spot things you may not have noticed.

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Designers also have the ability to help you improve the quality of life by heightening the space they design, in turn, increasing productivity. They also can help meet your neighborhoods building codes and safety standards if a renovation is entailed and meet universal accessibility guidelines. If you are interested in going a step further and incorporating sustainable design and ergonomics, an interior designer can assist with that too.

So do you want to make the most of your available space? You might be wondering what are the best ways to work with an interior designer? Read on for our best tips and tricks.

Create Idea Book

Create An Idea Book

A great way to get started with a designer is by creating an idea book. This can be done digitally through a site like Pinterest, Houzz, or manually in a collage-type format. An idea book can be used to express color preferences, fondnesses for certain fabrics and textures and other finished rooms you find inspiring. There is no wrong way to express your thoughts in an idea book; it’s a way to show what you like in pictures, colors and patterns. Another good idea is to decide ahead of time what pieces you want to keep in the room and what you’d like to part with.


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Get Out of the Box

Chances are your interior designer is going to suggest things you never thought of. (After all, part of why you’ve hired them is for their creativity.) Essentially a designer will envision, plan and outfit your room to make them both functional and atheistically pleasing. The road to get to the endpoint, and make the space truly sing, may contain surprising elements. They aren’t “in the box” thinkers and this is a good thing! Let them take your loose vision and run with it. (In other words, don’t be married to your own ideas.)


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Floor Plans or Renderings

An interior designer often creates a floor plan or rendering of the room. Always drawn to scale, this is beneficial in that it helps ensure the furniture will fit, there are adequate clearances, and correct amount of materials are ordered, ensuring a smooth installation process.



Stay On Budget

A good interior designer knows how to stay on budget! (And sometimes even come in under one.) The financial aspect is something many homeowners struggle with. Designers know what to splurge on and where to pull back when it comes to completing a space. They are also going to solve problems before they even come up with solutions that work. A professional designer is also less likely to make expensive mistakes than a homeowner. Think of all the time (and frustrations) you’ll save in addition to saving money.


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Your interior designer will have a far-reaching pool of the very best connections, materials and resources that are not available to the general public—things generally only “available to the trade.” By accessing this treasure chest of design assets and commodities, you’re automatically giving your home’s look a unique edge.


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Adding Art

Finding the right pieces of art—whether that be in the form of sculpture, pottery, paintings, photographs or more—can be a complex piece of the design puzzle. A designer can help commission a customized work of art or purchase one from an artist or gallery and help to ensure it bodes well with the space.


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This may sound simple, but don’t let that fool you! Finishing a project around the house doesn’t always come easily to homeowners. An interior designer is there to see your project through from conception to completion. When you hire one, you can guarantee they will help guide you every step of the way.

Working with a skilled expert has its perks!

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