DIY Headboards

Creative & DIY Headboards

My number one pet peeve in bedrooms: no headboard. No matter what else you do to a bedroom, the lack of a headboard makes the room feel unfinished. When I say “headboard”, it doesn’t have to be defined as an intricately carved piece of wood or metal, or even a piece of the bed and frame. It is something that grounds the bed to the wall and in the room. A bed will always be the focal point of the bedroom and a headboard is the crowning moment.

If you don’t have a headboard, or don’t love what you have, I’ve collected several creative headboards for inspiration. I hope you’ll also find inspiration for your own home.

Let’s start with the simple option: fabric. It can be hung behind the bed or brought up to the ceiling to create a canopy affect.

DIY bedroomBedroom DecorationBedroom Design, ColoradoOther great options are items you can literally lean right up behind the bed. I have done this with room dividers/screens in the past. Below are other creative options.

Master Bedroom Design ColoradoBedroom InspirationSalvage to Bedroom Design

And the following require a bit more work and DIY labor, but the results are well worth it.

DIY Bedroom DesignA simple wood frame and rope become an interesting headboard. You could do the same with ribbons.

Interior Decorating in Denver ColoradoIkea Mirrors become a dramatic headboard.

Creative Interior Design SolutionsCoco Tiles become the headboard in this nature-inspired bedroom.

Interior Design Solutions Boulder,COPainted wood slats, with some simple assembly, become a dramatic headboard when taken up to the ceiling.

Nautical Bedroom DesignThese salvaged oars create one of my favorite DIY headboards. I admire the creativity and reuse.

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